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Public Sector 

Transven Technology solutions in the public sector are designed to enhance government services, improve efficiency, and promote transparency. These solutions span various domains, including e-government, cybersecurity, data analytics, and citizen engagement

E-Government Services

  • Online Portals: Providing citizens with easy access to government services and information through web portals.

  • E-Taxation: Online tax filing and payment systems for individuals and businesses.

  • Digital Identity: Implementing secure digital identity solutions for citizens.

Accessible Public Transport
Data Center

Government Cloud Services

  • Cloud Infrastructure: Leveraging cloud computing for data storage, processing, and application hosting.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Using cloud-based software solutions for various government functions.



Cybersecurity Solutions


Data Analytics and Business Intelligence


Smart Cities and Urban Planning


Mobile Government (m-Government)


Social Services Solutions

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