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Transven deliver smarter buildings and operational excellence with BIM & GIS solutions. By connecting data from the building's lifecycle within one dynamic digital replica, actionable insights are always at your fingertips

Discover the Value ofDigital Twins


Digital Engineering

01. High Performance Design

BIM, digital twins and Digital Engineering improves project efficiency, maintenance, and decision-making, making them valuable tools in the construction and infrastructure sectors. 

02. AI + Cloud

Manage your cloud migration and modernization with solutions for greater business resilience, agility, and innovation. Transven's  AI solutions leverages machine learning and data analytics to optimize processes, drive innovation and extract insights.

03. Industry4.0

Industry 4.0 brings unprecedented levels of connectivity, efficiency, and intelligence to the production floor. Smart factories equipped with interconnected sensors and systems can collect and analyze data in real-time, optimizing production, reducing downtime, and enabling predictive maintenance.

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Cyber Security

Transven deploys blockbuster cybersecurity with ECGC (Export Credit Guarantee Corporation)


AI + Cloud

Transven bags AI and cloud based digital transformation project for New Raipur Authority


Reimagining 5G and network solutions for future businesses

Transven Tech will implement a new greenfield SAP technology hosted on Microsoft Azure with a Public service company. 

Our Collection

Transven transforms businesses through technology


Revenue Optimizer

TransvenAI uses design intelligence and predictive modeling to predict about costing, design optimizaton, forecasting, recommendation, risk management and saving strategies. The software leads to increased profitability and improved customer satisfaction while ensuring efficient resource allocation.

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Generative AI

Generative AI's ability to create, enhance, and innovate has the potential to revolutionize various industries, offering a wide range of practical applications and driving efficiency, creativity


Robotics Process Automation

RPA offers the benefits of increased efficiency, accuracy, and scalability, as it can operate 24/7 without errors and handle tasks at a faster pace than humans. It streamline operations and reduce operational costs.

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Transven Technology Platforms

From insight to innovation at the speed you need.


Continually uncover new possibilities for improvement.


Build the end-to-end infrastructure that transforms how you work.


Deploy and manage AI-powered automation across your enterprise.

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Transven is a forward-thinking organization dedicated in transforming Digital Engineering, and advancing sustainable technology. We take pride in our cutting-edge technology solutions, customer-centric approach, dedication to quality and excellence.